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The Vinci Diamond

By Rapaport
RAPAPORT... The Vinci Diamond,™ which debuted in 2006, was created by Israeli diamond designer Shlomo Cohen. It is patented and trademarked in the U.S., Japan, Israel, the European Community (EC), China, India and Hong Kong. The new cut was inspired by Cohen’s interest in what is known as the Golden Ratio. This is based on the relationship between three lines, the longest of which is 1.618 times the length of the second line, which itself is 1.618 times the length of the shortest. It forms what is considered a perfect symmetry that can be seen repeated throughout nature, as well as in architecture and art, including the work of Leonardo da Vinci, as expressed in his Vitruvian Man.


The 62-facet Vinci Diamond is based on the perfect proportion of the five-point star, or pentacle, which conforms to the geometric proportions of the Golden Ratio. The distance of the central segment of each diagonal is related to the distance of either of the outer segments by a multiple of 1.618. Three of these five-point stars can be seen inside the polished diamond when it is viewed from above, through its table.

The stone has a color and clarity range of E through J, VS through SI2 and is available in sizes from 0.30 carat up to 2.00 carats. To create the cut required the development of sophisticated polishing techniques. There is 48 percent yield from rough.


The stone, which is proprietary, is sold as loose only, on demand by order. It is aimed at the medium and high-end market; exclusivity is available within an area. The diamond is sold with lab certification and a laser-inscribed identifying logo. In-store promotional material, as well as marketing ideas, are available. There is a website, www.davinci-diamond.com.


The Vinci Diamond is comparable in price to a Triple Excellent diamond.


The Vinci Diamond’s unique faceting with multiple pentacle stars surpasses the standard 57-facet round diamond. It offers not only fire and brilliance, but a form that conforms to the Golden Ratio. The fact that the pentacles can be seen within the diamond adds to its uniqueness.

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