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Outdoor opulence

Letting their imaginations run wild, designers are employing natural materials and motifs in their works.

By Rachel Taylor

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As our world becomes increasingly digitized, chances to connect with mother nature seem ever more fleeting, and therefore ever more precious. So it makes sense that nature-inspired luxury jewels are now in demand. After all, this is an industry that has built its wealth and prestige on glittering natural treasures.

Flora and fauna continue to be a creative source, with jewelers seeking to capture the beauty of a petal or the power of a living creature. Whether softly painted in enamels or sparkling with gemstones, these odes to the natural world — when executed well — never fail to delight.

To incorporate the earth’s bounty, some designers are relaxing their views on what kinds of materials are luxury-worthy. For example, wood — polished or fossilized — has become a welcome accompaniment to gold and diamonds. It also makes a keen statement on what we ought to hold dear.

Provocative jeweler Silvia Furmanovich pushes the envelope further with her Amazonia Bamboo collection, which uses thin strips of bamboo woven together in a Japanese technique. She chose the material for its renewable, eco-positive credentials, as it grows swiftly from seed to full height in less than three months. The jeweler is also partnering with Instituto Jatobás — which is working to increase Brazil’s bamboo production — to share weaving skills with the project’s craftspeople.

Cece JewelleryThe Sun & Bee Power necklace in 18-karat gold, diamonds and enamel.

Amáli JewelryRing with snakeskin agate in 18-karat gold.

Silvia FurmanovichAmazonia Bamboo cuff in 18-karat gold, diamonds, bamboo and rattan.

Rush JewelryMaxi Draper earrings with diamonds in 18-karat gold and wood.

Bibi van der VeldenSmoulder ear cuff in 18-karat gold with diamonds.

GrazielaFolha ring in 18-karat gold, rhodium and diamonds.

Lydia CourteilleOpal and sapphire Lizard brooch in 18-karat gold.

Ana KatarinaEarth hoops in 18-karat gold and enamel with diamonds and rubies.

Three Stories JewelryTree of Life bangle in 14-karat gold with diamonds.

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