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JMA Hong Kong
Hong Kong
11/30/23 - 12/03/23
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11/30/2312/03/23 Show JMA Hong Kong Hong Kong, Hong Kong
12/02/2312/02/23 Holiday UAE National Day UAE
12/04/2312/08/23 Sight De Beers Sight Botswana
12/07/2312/15/23 Holiday Hannukkah Israel
12/22/2312/25/23 Show Jaipur Jewellery Show Jaipur, India
12/25/2312/25/23 Holiday Christmas
12/26/2312/26/23 Holiday Boxing Day United Kingdom
12/31/2312/31/23 Holiday New Year's Eve
01/01/2401/01/24 Holiday New Year's Eve
01/08/2401/09/24 Show International Watch & Jewelry Guild (IWJG) Miami, FL, USA
01/11/2401/15/24 Show The Original Miami Beach Antique Show Miami Beach, FL, USA
01/15/2401/15/24 Holiday Martin Luther King Day USA
01/19/2401/23/24 Show Vicenzaoro Vicenza, Italy
01/20/2401/24/24 Show International Jewellery Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
01/20/2401/22/24 Show Bijorhca Paris, France
01/23/2401/25/24 Show RJO Buying Show Palm Springs, CA, USA
01/26/2401/26/24 Holiday Republic Day India
01/27/2401/31/24 Show The Centurion Jewelry Show Phoenix, AZ, USA
01/29/2401/31/24 Show Melee the Show Tucson, AZ, USA
01/30/2402/04/24 Show AGTA GemFair Tucson, AZ, USA
01/30/2402/04/24 Show Gem and Jewelry Exchange (GJX) Tucson, AZ, USA
01/31/2402/04/24 Show Junwex St. Petersburg St. Petersburg, Russia
02/05/2402/08/24 Show Mining Indaba Cape Town, South Africa
02/05/2402/08/24 Show Jewellery Salon Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
02/05/2402/07/24 Show Melee the Show New York, NY, USA
02/06/2402/07/24 Holiday Lailat al-Miraj
02/06/2402/08/24 Show Jewellery, Gem and Techology Dubai Dubai, UAE
02/08/2402/11/24 Show The Tucson Gem and Mineral Society Show (TGMS) Tucson, AZ, USA
02/10/2402/10/24 Holiday Chinese New Year China
02/12/2402/15/24 Show Jewellery Salon Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
02/14/2402/14/24 Holiday Valentines Day
02/15/2402/20/24 Show The Palm Beach Show West Palm Beach, FL, USA
02/16/2402/19/24 Show Inhorgenta Munich Munich, Germany
02/19/2402/19/24 Holiday Presidents Day USA
02/19/2402/20/24 Show International Watch & Jewelry Guild (IWJG) Las Vegas, NV, USA
02/21/2402/25/24 Show Thailand Gems and Jewelry Fair Bangkok, Thailand
02/23/2402/26/24 Show Athens International Jewellery Show Athens, Greece
02/27/2403/02/24 Show Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show Hong Kong, Hong Kong
02/29/2403/04/24 Show Hong Kong International Jewellery Show Hong Kong, Hong Kong
03/01/2403/04/24 Show Premiere Classe Paris, France
03/07/2403/14/24 Show TEFAF MAASTRICHT Maastricht, Netherlands
03/09/2403/10/24 Holiday Ramadan
03/09/2403/12/24 Show IJO Dallas Texas March Conference 2024 Dallas, TX, USA
03/16/2403/17/24 Show Atlanta Jewelry Show Atlanta, GA, USA
03/23/2403/24/24 Holiday Purim Israel
03/25/2403/25/24 Holiday Holi India
03/29/2403/29/24 Holiday Good Friday USA
03/31/2403/31/24 Holiday Easter
04/01/2404/01/24 Holiday Easter Monday
04/04/2404/04/24 Show Qingming Festival China
04/05/2404/08/24 Show IIJS Tritiya Bangalore, India
04/08/2404/09/24 Holiday Eid al-Fitr
04/12/2404/14/24 Show IGJS Jaipur Jaipur, India
04/21/2404/21/24 Holiday Mahavir Jayanti India
04/21/2404/30/24 Show Passover Israel
05/05/2405/06/24 Holiday Yom Hashoa Israel
05/09/2405/09/24 Holiday Ascension Day Belgium
05/12/2405/13/24 Holiday Yom Hazikaron Israel
05/12/2405/12/24 Holiday Mother's day USA
05/13/2405/14/24 Holiday Yom Haatzmaut Israel
05/15/2405/15/24 Holiday Buddha's Birthday Hong Kong
05/19/2405/19/24 Holiday Pentecost
05/20/2405/20/24 Holiday Whit Monday Belgium
05/27/2405/28/24 Show International Watch & Jewelry Guild (IWJG) Las Vegas, NV, USA
05/29/2405/29/24 Holiday Memorial Day USA
07/01/2407/01/24 Holiday Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day Hong Kong
07/04/2407/04/24 Holiday Independence Day USA
07/06/2407/07/24 Holiday Al-Hijra / Muharram
07/12/2407/13/24 Holiday Tisha B'Av Israel
07/13/2407/16/24 Show IJO Chicago Illinois July Conference 2024 Chicago, IL, USA
07/16/2407/17/24 Holiday Ashura
07/21/2407/21/24 Holiday Belgium National Day Belgium
07/22/2407/25/24 Show Pawn Expo Las Vegas, NV, USA
07/27/2407/29/24 Show RJO Buying Show St. Louis, MO, USA
08/03/2408/05/24 Show RJO Buying Show St. Louis, MO, USA
08/11/2408/12/24 Show The INSTORE Show Rosemont, IL, USA
08/15/2408/15/24 Holiday Assumption Day Belgium
08/17/2408/19/24 Show International Jewellery Fair Sydney, Australia
08/24/2408/25/24 Show Atlanta Jewelry Show Atlanta, GA, USA
09/01/2409/04/24 Show Autumn Fair Birmingham, United Kingdom
09/02/2409/02/24 Holiday Labor Day USA
09/15/2409/16/24 Holiday Mawlid al-Nabi
09/17/2409/17/24 Holiday Mid Autumn Festival China
09/27/2409/30/24 Show Premiere Classe Paris, France
10/01/2410/01/24 Holiday National Day China
10/02/2410/04/24 Holiday Rosh Hashana Israel
10/12/2410/13/24 Holiday Yom Kippur Israel
10/16/2410/23/24 Holiday Sukkot Israel
02/22/2502/24/25 Show RJO Buying Show Phoenix, AZ, USA
03/01/2503/04/25 Show Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO) Palm Springs, CA, USA
07/19/2507/22/25 Show Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO) Indianapolis, IN, USA
07/26/2507/28/25 Show RJO Buying Show Schaumburg, IL, USA
08/01/2608/03/26 Show RJO Buying Show Lexington, KY, USA
02/20/2702/22/27 Show RJO Buying Show Grapevine, TX, USA
07/23/2707/26/27 Show RJO Buying Show Kansas City, MO, USA
07/22/2807/24/28 Show RJO Buying Show Schaumburg, IL, USA