Real Time Diamond Price Data

Real Time Diamond Prices: The TradeScreen

The Tradescreen, included in your subscription to Rapaport Diamond Prices, provides you with access to real time pricing from over a million diamonds presently for sale on RapNet®.

View real time data for diamonds based on size, color and clarity and see the best and average prices for your diamond on the RapNet trading network.

RAPI – RapNet
Diamond Index

The RapNet Diamond Index (RAPI™) is the average of the best priced 10 asking prices in each category for Round, D-H, IF-VS2, GIA Graded, Rapaport Specification A3 or better diamonds, which are offered for sale on RapNet® - The Diamond Market. While the RAPI indices are available for 0.30 Ct, 0.50 Ct, 0.70 Ct, 1.00 Ct ,2.00 Ct, 3.00 carat size categories, the primary index will be for one carat sizes.

The RAPI index is available to Rapaport subscribers.

RAPI Graph
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