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Rapaport Price List

The Rapaport Price List - the Primary Source for Diamond Price Information

The Rapaport Price List is the international benchmark used by dealers to establish diamond prices in all the major markets.

Your subscription to the Rapaport Diamond Price List offers you access to the Rapaport Price List with diamond prices based on the size, color and clarity of each diamond. The Price List is updated weekly Thursdays at 11:59pm EST and reflects changes in the global diamond markets.

Price Lists Online

The Rapaport Price List - the primary source of diamond prices and market information - is now accessible online in your browser.

View Round, Pear, RapNet, Parcel and Rupee prices in an innovative format which allows you to compare the Rapaport Price List in real time to the average and best prices of diamond listings on RapNet, the Rapaport Diamond Trading Network.

Rapaport Price List
RapNet Prices

Download Price Data into Your Programs

Download the industry standard Rapaport Price Data directly into your inventory programs. Data is available in csv format for Microsoft Excel or .dat and .dbf formats for programs.

Rapaport Prices for the Indian Market: The Rapaport Diamond Price List in Rupee

The Price List in Rupee and the standard Rapaport Price List are available to you online or by email in PDF format.

Rapaport Price List India
Rapaport Parcel Sheet

Follow the Latest
Parcel Trends:
The Parcel Price List

The Rapaport Parcel Price List provides up to date pricing information on the cost of diamond parcels in the Indian market.

Your subscription to Rapaport Diamond Prices includes access to the monthly Parcel Price List in PDF format.

The RapNet Price List

The RapNet Price List provides you with pricing information based on diamonds listed for sale on RapNet® – The Diamond Market.

Every Thursday, RapNet issues a weekly market snap-shot of the best and average priced diamonds on RapNet, giving you an indication of the weekly market and showing you price trends over time.

RapNet Prices
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