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By Martin Rapaport
Estate Jewelry

Fine-quality estate jewelry is the best jewelry in the world. Some pieces are irreplaceable — their craftsmanship no longer exists. And many pieces have a story that makes them special. They are perfect from an environmental standpoint, and their design is often unique. If you or your customer wants jewelry that no one else has — something special — buy a piece of estate jewelry. Prices for estate jewelry are different than for manufactured jewelry because there is no manufacturing cost. It’s a straightforward market of willing buyers and willing sellers. Dealers play an important role in the market, providing liquidity and adding significant value through their expertise in authentication and differentiation of quality, design and condition.

Fine estate jewelry retains and increases in value over time. And the market is growing as tens of millions of baby boomer sellers reach retirement age and millennial buyers inherit trillions of dollars. There is and will be growing supply, demand and profit for everyone.

From an ethical perspective, the establishment of efficient markets for estate, recycled and pre-owned jewelry is vital. The fact that fine jewelry retains value is a critical component of jewelry demand and consumer expectations. Value retention is what differentiates fine jewelry from other disposable consumer items. The link between value retention and emotional gifting is a fundamental reason why people buy jewelry. The establishment of efficient markets that provide fair value to consumers selling their jewelry is a priority for Rapaport and the jewelry trade. The fifth C, confidence, is a key component of jewelry demand.

Wishing all our readers a healthy, happy and prosperous holiday season.


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