Rapaport Magazine

Note from the publisher

By Martin Rapaport

I believe in love. Unconditional emotional love that transcends a transactional relationship. A type of love where you want to give something extra special, important and valuable to the love of your life.

The bridal gift is not just a tradition, it is a relationship builder that provides emotional and financial security. The gift of the diamond ring is the gift of commitment. The value of a wedding ring is not measured in grams of gold, but in sacred memories.

Surely the rings and their designs are important. But what is more important is the symbolic emotional value of the gift. The idea behind the jewelry is more important than the jewelry. The dreams and delight of the customer are the real things that we are selling. A person receiving an engagement ring is not just getting a ring, they are getting a life partner.

Our trade creates products that capture the gift of love. The finest, truest and most valuable of emotions are embedded in our jewelry. We are blessed with the opportunity to create happiness.

I believe in love and everything that it means to those fortunate enough to experience it.


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