Rapaport Magazine

Note from the publisher

By Martin Rapaport

So why are you in business? Why are you working? Sure, you want to make money. You want a reasonably good life for yourself and those you love. But is that all? Is work only about the money?

Most people whose earnings are above their basic needs would say no. They want their work to connect with their creative energy. They want to enjoy their work, grow, have positive relationships with their coworkers, be part of a group of productive, good people. That’s good, but is that all? Are work and life only about self-fulfillment?

What about the world beyond ourselves? Do we have responsibilities beyond our personal needs? What about the environment, human rights, freedom, fairness? There is a lot we can do. Should we?

Diamonds and jewelry are special. They are the gift of love and commitment. They transcend our physical needs. They represent what is best about us. Our positive emotions.

Our industry must marry the idea of our products with our commitment to society. We must work to make the world a better place.

We must take responsibility for what we buy and what we sell. We must ensure that what we do and how we do it is up to the idea behind our products. We must be up to diamonds.


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